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Paragraph 3.3 of the Revised Supplementary Directive in respect of Court Operations in the Pretoria and Johannesburg High Courts during the extended COVID19 National Lockdown notes that:

Matters that require evidence to be adduced shall not, in general, be conducted in open Court, and the Judge seized with the matter shall exercise a discretion about an appropriate mode of hearing, which may include receiving evidence on affidavit and the utilisation of video conferencing, and if otherwise unavoidable, the convening of a physical hearing.

Verify Expert seeks to provide a simple platform for experts to verify their reports electronically, without having to depose to an affidavit before a Commissioner of Oaths in respect of each and every report presented to the Court. The system aims to provide Presiding Officers with the same peace of mind as to the authenticity of an expert’s findings as one would gain from an affidavit to that effect.

This system saves significant costs, promotes social distancing and provides a technology based solution with convenience.

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How Verify Expert Works

Through the Verify Expert platform, each expert will have access to a complete record of their unique verification links together with the date of electronic confirmation of these reports, conveniently recorded under the expert’s matter number.

How Verify Expert Works